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Menstrual Hygiene Kits (reusable pads, underwear, soap)

Girls from our target communities of Marsabit and Samburu Counties in Kenya have limited access to sanitary products. Having protection during their monthly cycles is essential if females are to stay in school. $20 provides a reusable kit that will last a year or more.

High School Scholarship Program

Provides promising secondary school students from vulnerable families in Marsabit and Samburu Counties in Northern Kenya with resources they need to complete four years of study in high quality boarding schools, without distractions or want for food, clothing, supplies and safe housing. Four year total – $3,400(Year 1- $1000, subsequent years 2,3,4 – $800

Mentorship Program

Provides skills in leadership, conflict resolution, stress management and educational and career goal/setting strategies. They also learn about effects of female genital mutilation and teen pregnancy. There are workshops on reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, anti terrorism messaging, women’s empowerment,  and the role of men facing these challenges. $160 supports a student for the 3-day mentorship program, $10,000 covers the entire cost of an annual mentorship program.

Water for All

Water is urgently needed in Marsabit County, Kenya. $350 will provide a truckload of water that will serve a village of 1,000 for two weeks.

Give Monthly

Please consider setting up a recurring donation to provide consistent support to our programs. Your monthly donation will directly impact the needs of children in terms of education and health.

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