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Our Interventions

In order to achieve it’s mission; that of improving educational opportunities for the UNDERSERVED populations of Northern Kenya, KDEF put together five critical intervention measures.

High School Scholarships Program

 This entails support to underprivileged but committed bright students with more focus on the girl child. The four-year scholarship project caters for full-board tuition, uniform, bedding, books and sanitation supplies.

Menstrual Hygiene Program

KDEF is committed to support menstrual hygiene programs in schools by donating menstrual hygiene kits and training to school going girls. Through the program, KDEF also offers instructional training on use and care for the hygiene kits.

 Mentorship Program

Every year, we hold a three days’ mentorship program for our scholars and students from the host communities. The topics covered during the three days’ program include Health and Social Issues, Career guidance and counselling and life skills.

Water and Sanitation Program

There is a big challenge of accessibility to clean and safe drinking water in the Kenya Drylands of Samburu and Marsabit Counties. KDEF together with its partners (Vibrant Village Foundation) will be supporting these disenfranchised communities with water, Health and Sanitation programs by providing customized solutions proposed through the public participation initiatives.

KDEF Story

Kura Omar and Sarah Hadden met in Northern and held a discussion about illiteracy rates in Northern Kenya. Sarah, a teacher of 20 Years felt she needed to support in a bid to improve the access to quality education among the pastoralist communities in the Kenyan drylands.

Sarah and Kura combined their efforts by donating sanitation and hygiene products to schools. So far KDEF has distributed 7000 menstrual health products targeting primary and secondary schools in Northern Kenya.

The two also noted that the transition rates from primary to secondary school were very low and therefore started a scholarship program to lift barriers to access to secondary school education. The program first supported 4 students who were selected with the help of the Primary schools’ management committees. The selection considered family income levels and academic performance with more focus on girls. 7 of the beneficiary students have already graduated from high school while another 45 student beneficiaries are still being supported by 2018. 0f the 45 students currently enrolled in the program, 80% are girls and 20% boys.

KDEF realized that more needed to be done in order to lift the inequality barriers in access to quality education. This is how KDEF then started the annual mentorship program for beneficiary students but also extend invitation to other students from the host communities. The mentorship program covers a wide range of topics that include health, social issues and life skills

Our Impact has been felt

Our High school sponsorship has so far benefited 57 students and by the end of 2019, we are sponsoring another 40! This will raise the number of students we’ve sponsored to 97!

With the support of our partners, we have so far  delivered 15 water trucks to the most needy communities in Northern Kenya! We are targeting another 25 till the end of the drought season.

KDEF has also managed to hold three mentorship sessions, directly benefiting over 400 high school students.

The nomadic pastoralist girls have also benefited so much from the kind donation from our friends. 8000 opportunity kits have so far been distributed.

Our  Sponsors

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